From 2007 to the present.

Even before opening doors, its founder already had 15 years of experience in the computer and audiovisual market. After going through different companies related to the computer, audiovisual and electronic entertainment sectors, he decided to found Nexus Palma.

Nexus opens its doors during the fall of 2007 at Calle Jordi Villalonga i Velasco Nº5. For several years we worked on the idea of ​​unifying the markets for “audio”, “video”, “computing” and “consoles” together, offering the sale and repair of all of this. Thanks to this idea, the magazine “On Off” gives us the award for the best multimedia and innovative company of the year 2011 at the national level. During the 5 years that we were at Jordi Villalonga i Velasco, we carried out several renovations and expanded our showroom with two dedicated audition rooms specially equipped for audiovisual demos.

In 2012 we made a change of premises to the center of Palma, specifically to Aragón 24 street. When we went to this premises we made a change of corporate image by introducing the white color to our characteristic black / red. We held a demonstration room that can be seen from the shop window and introduced our four main business branches, mobile and IP telephony. We managed to attract many customers thanks to the total integration of all business lines and improving our brand image among the main local telephone stores and franchises.

At present we have made an important change by introducing the business service to our concept of audiovisual and computer unification. Thanks to our specialists in network infrastructure, servers and management and office software, we are the only company with audiovisual and computer technical support with its own sales and technical service.

In 2018 we became the official and exclusive technical service in the Balearic Islands of the Bang & Olufsen brand. In addition to being distributors and technical service for brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, JVC, BOSE, LOEWE, ROTEL, Bowers & Wilkins, Cambridge Audio, Dali, Denon, Marantz, Focal, Fonestar, Harman Kardon , Klipsch, JBL, Monitor Audio, McIntosh, NAD, Onkyo Pioneer, Primare, Sonos, Sonus Faber, Tannoy, and many more.

We are EXCLUSIVE distributors of brands such as MARTIN LOGAN, SONUS FABER, MUSICAL FIDELITY or the BOWERS & WILKINS 800 series

In 2021, our current workforce is 13 people and another 15 indirect professionals who actively collaborate with us.

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years of experience

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